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The website I have built here is all about a 73 D100 Dodge Shortbox Step side that I am building.

I picked this truck up as a roller with NO engine or transmission. It was Ideal for me as I have always wanted to do a Gen III Hemi swap into some Dodge. A little background on myself is that I have always like the Mopar product line and also worked as a mechanic at a Dodge dealership from 1986 up until 2007. Follow along below and you can see how I have taken this truck from having nothing to a complete truck.

73 D100 Short Box Step side

I was looking to sell my 67 Dart GTS – 383/4V auto car and eventually I would look for another project. Cruising Facebook one day and someone had posted this 73 D100 on line. He said it was not his but saw it while going to work. The contact information was in the pictures. I contacted the seller and made arrangements to view the truck.
The truck ended up being a roller with no Engine or Transmission which really got my wheels turning and thought this would be a great candidate for a Gen III Hemi swap and upgraded overdrive transmission. The seller had done the body work and paint. He wanted to put a 440 in the truck. We struck a deal and arrange to pick up the truck a few days later. The truck was loaded and it followed me home.
Once we agreed on a price and made the deal, I started looking for a donor vehicle. A day later I found a 2005 Ram 1500 Daytona that would supply the Hemi. I could not use the Transmission as it was a 4X4. This was fine as I got the truck (which was basically wrecked) and would be able to part out the truck to recover some of the cost.
You can see the detailed pictures of what I started with below.
Got the truck to the shop and started to strip it apart. I have extra pieces if anyone is looking. Removed the Cab just so it would be easier to remove the engine. Had a great time doing it.
The Hemi was torn down and found the block was in GREAT shape. However it will get everything rebuilt. New Pistons, Rings, Bearings, Comp Cam Stage 1 Camshaft, new Lifters, Valves, Oil Pump, Timing Chain and Gears, Headbolts, Water Pump and gaskets.
There will be lots of upgrades to the truck. It was great to start with a clean slate as I can build the truck to my personal specs. It will get all new wiring, Vintage heater/A/C system and more that I will leave secret for now. Found a 46RE Transmission to provide Overdrive and Lockup Torque Convertor. The Engine and Transmission will be controlled by a Holley TerminatorX Max Controller.
Figured out what and how I want to do the truck and decided to order most of the main parts early so when I go to start the project, I will have them available. Motor and Trans will be rebuilt and ready to be dropped into the frame when I begin the upgrade.
The Parts are starting to arrive. Holley Transmission and Engine mounting system, Gas Tank Inc. in-frame fuel Tanks that will have a Holley Returnless fuel pump and more.
Well the parts are finally getting put together. Motor and trans are done. Found some issues with the frame while replacing leaf spring bushings. That was fixed. Dropped Motor and Trans into the truck frame and then started to work on the upgraded rear differential. Fuel tank is in with a slight modification. New Brake lines. As you can see has been a busy time .
Just waiting now for the Engine Controller and Fuel Pump
Tore it down right to the frame so I could see what I was dealing with. Found some items I was not happy with but I just had to fix them up and get her done.
More updates to the 73 D100. Differential has been assembled and installed complete with all new brake hardware, linings, wheel cylinders and drums. Installed new E-Brake cables and mounted the assembly into the truck. New Shocks and had a driveshaft shortened to 47″  including new U-Joints. Removed the Dash and Steering column and then started on the wiring. I wired in Relays to take the load for Headlights, starter and Rad Fans.
When the truck was stripped to the frame, I ran new brake lines front and rear. This was a lot easier to do at this time.
Biggest slow down the Holley Terminator MAX controller and engine wire harness has not arrived. Vintage Air system should be here soon.
This is where I started to find a few issues. Someone along the way had torched the frame behind the rear spring shackle. Not sure why but I think it was to remove the spring bolt. Luckily I have a Son-in-law that is a welder and we installed a 3/16″ plate over the area and welded it to the frame. Note: when I got the truck they had reversed the rear spring shackles (front and rear) to lower the back end. There was also 3/4 ton lower control arms installed to lower the front end.
While it was stripped to the bare frame, I installed all new brake lines throughout the complete truck. Fuel tank was moved from behind the seat to the back behind the differential. Differential was upgraded from an 8.75″ to a 9.25″. The new differential was treated to all new bearing, Tru-Trac center section and new 3.55 gears. After the differential was done, complete new brakes were installed.
It was a good thing I upgraded the differential as I found the differential mounting plates were mostly rusted through. Found another good set and we were good.
As things were progressing it was time to work on the engine and Transmission. I had a Friend (D. Meade) overhaul the 46RE transmission with all new clutches, plates, Torque Converter and Trans-Go shift kit. This was the only transmission that Holley supported. This will give me an Overdrive transmission along with a lockup torque convertor. The motor got a complete upgrade as well. I was very surprised at 211,000 KM the engine was in really good shape. Just needed to hone the cylinders and all the old bearings looked brand new. However I got new Pistons, Rings, Bearings, gasket set, Water Pump, Oil Pump and a Stage 1 Comp Cam. Head were treated to new Valves. They were lapped in and they seated very nicely. Added the Holley Blackheart Exhaust Manifolds as well.
Once the Cab was put back in place and some more arts arrived, I was able to start wiring the truck with an American Auto Wire Power Plus 13 Universal Harness. Ran all new Wire harness to the rear along with an extra Ground Wire. Gas tank was moved from in the cab to back behind the differential along with a Holley Returnless Fuel Pump and Floatless Fuel Sending unit. I was able to run these wires at the same time. Work was started on the Dash to install the Holley 6.86″ Pro Dash along with a new Digital Radio with all the extra. Vintage Air system had arrive but still waiting for the Holley Terminator X Max kit to come in.
The new Aluminum Rad came in to fit a 73 D100 with a 440 CID. The triple core rad should give the Hemi lots of cooling. I found a Rad Fan module from a 2007 Chrysler 300 that fit this application perfectly as it had Dual fans and was the correct size. I mounted it exactly like stock with the bottom hooking into support hooks and just two bolts at the top. The Holley controller supports 2 Electric fans so this was perfect. More wiring and lots of planning on how this will all fit together.
When the Differential was changed and front spindles and rotors replaced, I went to the 5 X 5.5″ Bolt pattern. This allows me to go with all the new Ram Tires and rims from 17″ to 20″. I found a used set of 17″ rims as this was the tire size I decided to go with. Typical old school with smaller tires up front and larger on the rear.
Well look what finally showed up !! Yes the Holley Terminator X MAX system finally came in. This allowed to to plan where it could be mounted in the cab along with the Vintage Air System. Some thought and planning had to go in to allow room for this to work. Looking back I may have mounted the Vintage air system more to the middle to allow more room for the A/C and Heater lines. However I was able to make it work as mounted.
New Front end parts were installed, Power Steering lines had to be mad and installed and A/C parts added. Sounds quick but these were time consuming as I had the plan all of the hose routing so everything would fit once the body parts were reinstalled. More Wiring for the Holley System and the new wire harness as I was able to work on the front end wiring and lighting.
Wiring, running Brake lines to new Master Cylinder and Wilwood adjustable Proportioning Valve. Calipers and Shocks installed. Routed heater and A/C lines so they go into the fender for a cleaner look.
Worked on making the Heater Control panel. Did some blasting to the Inner Fender skirts and Dash. Had to fix cracks in the Dash pad, cut in the A/C Vents. Then paint everything to make it look good. Sounds easy and fun but this was a couple of weeks worth or work.
With the Dash all painted up, I was able to make a custom dash to fit the Holley Pro Dash and Digital Radio. Also wired in Turn signal lights, High Beam Lights and few others. Started with 1/8″ plate Aluminum and planned the layout.
Wired the Main circuit breaker, then some relays (Starter, Fan 1, Fan 2, High beam Headlights and Low beam Headlights) The battery was added so I could test some of the circuits. All  seem to test well at this time.
Time to start on the Interior before I install the dash. More room and it gave me time to clean up the things. Removed the Old seat and Carpet, cleaned everything up and then added some Kilmat before seeing what it will take to mount the seats from the 2005 Ram 1500. I  had to really only remove about 1 1/2″ off the the rear mounts to get the seat to sit level. Made some mounts and had them sitting in there really good. Tried the Driver’s power seat and works great. I will need to figure out the shifter.
I wanted to raise the B&M Star Shifter so it was easier to reach. I could do this so the Old guy did not have to bend or reach the shifter. This was accomplished by making a mount out of metal. I placed it where I wanted it and then mounted the cable through the floor and to the Transmission.
Set the Dash in for a test fit.
With everything coming together, it was time to Start the Engine (Which went great) and start pitting the body panels back on. One of the Door hinges was no good, so I found one and it was a different color. I blasted all the hinges, installed new bushings and pins and then painted them. Installed them and doors then the right Fender. Hood was a challenge trying to do it yourself but I got it on and it open and closes.
Started the engine a few times and then I put the rear end on stands. Started the engine and let it go to idle. Engaged the Trans and the Wheels on the Truck went Round and Round. YaHoo!! Another hurdle crossed.
Now to start playing with the electronics but I will need to get exhaust first before I can tune the engine and work out the finer points of this Holley System. PS – You can see the Boss came by and checked out Papa’s Orange Truck. Seems he was excited.

Lots of work yet to do before it is on the road. Hopefully I can get it out for a few quick rides before Winter shuts us down.

Once I had everything buttoned up, I had to get it to the Exhaust Shop so that I could have feedback from the O2 Sensor. Exhaust is 2.5″ exhaust with balance tube and Flow Pro mufflers with Downspouts. Sounds Great !!
I had a few issues getting the Windshield installed but had a few people through Facebook that came through. After the Windshield was installed, I took it in for Out of Province Inspection and Wheel Alignment. Everything passed with flying colors (Everything is New) but one of the Upper Control Arm bushing was seized. alignment was close enough to pass but I thought better and ordered all new bushings and cam bolts. Found once the arm was removed, there was some rust and decided to order new Control arms with Bushings and Ball joints.
Weather turned for the worse and the truck will stay in the shop for Winter.
My interior Carpet and Kick panels arrived so that will be another winter project.