89 Chrysler TC by Maserati

Chrysler TC Info

Now that the TC Pages is gone forever, I have posted the major build specs information onto this site while it was still available on an archive site. The number of red/black/black and red/black/tan V6 cars was not on this list so it is not 100% accurate on production numbers.

Information by -David in Riverside


  • Weight 3,033 lb (1989)
  • Wheelbase 93.3 inches
  • Brakes 4 wheel disc
  • Teves ABS
  • Wheels 15×6 cast alum FondMetal
  • Tires Michelin MXV 205-60 VR15
  • Steering 14:1 power rack & pinion
  • Engine #1 16Valve
  • Displacement 2.2L (135 cid)
  • Type DOHC 16v turbo
  • inter cooled
  • ratio 7.3:1
  • Horsepower 200 @ 5,500
  • Torque 220 lb.ft @ 3,400
  • Bore/stroke 3.44″ x 3.62″

Engine #2 Turbo II

  • 2L (135 cid)
  • SOHC 8v turbo
  • inter cooled
  • 1:1
  • 160 @ 5,200
  • 171 lb.ft @ 3,600
  • 44″ x 3.62″


  • A 413 3-speed ___ Getrag 284 5-speed___
  • 1st___ 2.69___ 3.54
  • 2nd___ 1.55___ 2.16
  • 3rd___ 1.00___ 1.44
  • 4th___ —___ 1.09
  • 5th___ —___ 0.76
  • Differental___ 3.02___ 3.47
  • Final Drive___ 3.02___ 2.64



  • 1 Z – Europe Continent
  • 2 C – Italy Country
  • 3 2 – Maserati Make
  • 4 F – Convertible Body Style
  • 5 P – Turbo 2___ R – 16V Engine
  • 6 1 – Luxury Car Class
  • 7 1 – Manual Seat Belt Passenger Safety
  • 8 0 – First Series Series
  • 9 1 thru 9, 0 and X Check Digit
  • 10 K = 89 Model Year
  • 11 B – Milan Plant Location
  • 12-13 20 – Q Body Chassis Code
  • 14-17 Chassis Number Sequence No




The last TC to roll off the assembly line was the famous Arctic White/Bordeaux 16V. Titled as a ’90 model, this car was also the last 16V. Supposedly built at the request of Chrysler’s Robert Lutz, it was eventually offered for sale and purchased by a Chrysler employee in Michigan. It had a build date of April 10, 1990 and a chassis number of 8543, making it the final TC to be built.

History for this car

This car was purchased in California and is 1 of 406 car that were Exotic Red, Ginger Interior with Black soft tops sold in 89 in California. The car was driven very little as the mileage was less than 18,000 miles on the odometer. The car shows that it was stored indoors as most of the soft rubber is still very pliable. Looking at the Canvas top, it would indicate the soft top was never used as it shows no signs of shrinking or fading. The removable hard top does look like it has been taken off and almost like someone tried to take it off themselves and dropped it. There are large scratches on the painted surface.

The car was purchased in April 2014 by someone in Alberta and brought to Canada as a present to his daughter who wanted a 2 door sports coupe. Appears she did not like the car and it again was driven very little.

In Feb. 2017 I purchased the car with 14,846 miles on it. When I got it to my shop I found the heater core was leaking due to no one changing antifreeze in it since original. A new heater core was installed and the A/C was repaired at the same time. New antifreeze, brake fluid and oil change done as well. The main issue with the car was the paint was very scratched. Lots of Polishing on the exterior paint was done to bring it back to life. The leather seats were dry but lots of conditioner was applied to revive them. The car presents as new due to low mileage and being stored inside most of its life.

Note: The car also has all the original items with it. The Factory Tool kit, Umbrella and Owners manual.