73 D100 Step Side

73 D100 Short Box Step side


I was looking to sell my 67 Dart GTS – 383/4V auto car and eventually I would look for another project. Cruising Facebook one day and someone had posted this 73 D100 on line. He said it was not his but saw it while going to work. The contact information was in the pictures. I contacted the seller and made arrangements to view the truck.

The truck ended up being a roller with no Engine or Transmission which really got my wheels turning and thought this would be a great candidate for a Gen III Hemi swap and upgraded overdrive transmission. The seller had done the body work and paint. He wanted to put a 440 in the truck. We struck a deal and arrange to pick up the truck a few days later. The truck was loaded and it followed me home.


Once we agreed on a price and made the deal, I started looking for a donor vehicle. A day later I found a 2005 Ram 1500 Daytona that would supply the Hemi. I could not use the Transmission as it was a 4X4. This was fine as I got the truck (which was basically wrecked) and would be able to part out the truck to recover some of the cost.


Got the truck to the shop and started to strip it apart. I have extra pieces if anyone is looking. Removed the Cab just so it would be easier to remove the engine. Had a great time doing it.

The Hemi was torn down and found the block was in GREAT shape. However it will get everything rebuilt. New Pistons, Rings, Bearings, Comp Cam Stage 1 Camshaft, new Lifters, Valves, Oil Pump, Timing Chain and Gears, Headbolts, Water Pump and gaskets.

There will be lots of upgrades to the truck. It was great to start with a clean slate as I can build the truck to my personal specs. It will get all new wiring, Vintage heater/A/C system and more that I will leave secret for now. Found a 46RE Transmission to provide Overdrive and Lockup Torque Convertor. The Engine and Transmission will be controlled by a Holley TerminatorX Max Controller.


Figured out what and how I want to do the truck and decided to order most of the main parts early so when I go to start the project, I will have them available. Motor and Trans will be rebuilt and ready to be dropped into the frame when I begin the upgrade.

The Parts are starting to arrive. Holley Transmission and Engine mounting system, Gas Tank Inc. in-frame fuel Tanks that will have a Holley Returnless fuel pump and more.