67 Dart GTS – Information

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 General Information: 

  • Number Produced: Total 457 built from Feb. 1967 to June 1967
  • All 1967 Dart GTS had 383 Four Barrel Engines and rated at 280 HP with 400 Ft.lbs of Torque.
  • There were 228 Automatics built and 229 Four Speeds built in the 5 month production run.
  • All GTS 383 Engines and transmissions were hand installed at the factory from the top
  • All GTS built in 1967 had the GT Premium Interior either Bench seat or Buckets and Console.
  • All GTS had the Rallye Suspension which gave you Rotors with 4 piston Kelsey Hayes calipers, Heavy duty Torsion bars, Front sway bar and Super Stock rear Springs (6 Leaf).
  • All GTS had NO power Steering and NO Air Conditioning due to Engine size


Specific Information about this car: (Fender Tag codes in brackets)

  • Produced on Mar. 6, 1967 and was the 184,279th car scheduled for production at the
    Hamtramck, MI assembly plant.
  • 383 Four Barrel – 3 Speed Automatic with Red Streak Tires
  • Painted in WW1 – White top White Body
  • Premium Dart GT Interior (TP) with Buckets (B4) and Console (A6)
  • Power Brakes (H1) Front Disc Brakes (D9) AM Radio (R1) Fender Mount Turn Signal (H7)
  • California Clean Air Package (E1) Front Windshield Tint Only (X2)
  • Moulding – Body Sill Narrow (J4) and a Sold Car (U1)


Sold in Oct. 1967 to G Mayette and he kept the car until Nov. 1989 from Norm King Dodge. The history indicates the engine was replaced under warranty (Casting date Mar. 8, 1967) Traded in to Glendora Dodge where J Lucas purchased the car for $600.00. Jim striped the car down to rolling chassis and did paint job, Interior and Overhauled Engine and Transmission at 66, 329 Miles. J Lucas had the car until 1997 and sold it to friend M Lane due to a divorce. Mr. Lane drove it until 2012 and then was sold to C Shreyer who took the car to Arizona. From there the car ended up in Cedar Rapids Iowa from where I purchased the car and brought it to Alberta. The car now has under 88,000 miles on it. The under carriage of the car has never been touched and all sheet metal is original except Left Front fender. It had been hit and during restoration they want no body filler. They found a good original fender to put on the car. The car lived in California from 1967 until 2012 with in a 30 mile radius of the original selling dealer. I have the original Owner’s Manual, CertiCard and Original California Black Plates that were on the car until 2012.

After the car was purchased and I had time to post it up on Facebook on various pages, I got a few inquiries about the car. Back and forth discussion it was discovered that Dale Wilsdon had a $1000 dollar deposit on the car. The dealership that I purchased from did not indicate this and in the end unfortunately Dale did lose his deposit. However the good news was Dale ended up finding a beautiful QQ1 68 Dart GTS - 383/4V 4spd car.  

Since I have purchased the car, I changed the tires to the Radial version of the Red Streak tires for better drive-ability. The car was fully inspected before having a out of Province inspection at the local Dodge dealership in 2015. The Dart passed with flying colors. Over the years of ownership, I took very good care of the Dart and decided it would basically be driven on nice days and too and from shows. I found a used 8.75 - 741 case with 2.76 gear ratio at a swap meet. Took it to a local powertrain specialist and had all the bearings replaced and setup. Swap the third members and now cruises down the road at 70 mph at 2900 RPM. Note: I have the third member that came with the car that has 3.55 Sure Grip setup. 

When I got the Dart, I found out the Radio was inoperative. Not a big surprise, so to keep it stock, I added a Blue tooth radio in the trunk mounted in a Viper Subwoofer. From there it connects to two speakers mounted in the rear deck. This system can be controlled with an iPod via Bluetooth. 

Over time due to sitting over our long winters or in the summer during our sunny weekdays and then rainy weekends, the carb starting causing me grief. The following winter I converted the carb system to a FiTech Fuel injection system while retaining all removed parts. When I did this setup, I used the Fitech Command Module which was mounted under the right front fender in front of the wheel. Anyone looking under the hood will not even know it has fuel injection. The Dart can now sit for months and I can start the engine quickly and efficiently and even can put it in gear within 30 seconds and it will not stall. The driveability now has greatly improved over the carb setup.

Along the way I also purchased new panels for the front doors and rear. They are brand new 30 year old Legendary panels that a member of our club had but never used. In the winter of 2020, the Dart got a new Windshield (correct tint) new Windshield weather strip and new Mylar strips with the 4 chrome corners. Not a cheap adventure for a one year only trim package.

Winter of 2020, the engine wire harness was replace with a new Year One Harness. I modified the Alternator feed from the Alternator to the Amp gauge so it would not burn the car down. Now use a volt gauge to monitor charging.

I purchased the Dart in 2015 with just over 86,000 miles on it. To date it now has just over 90,000 miles on it.

More Documentation

Below are pictures of the documentation that came with the Dart. I have the original California Black Plates that is shown on Title and transfers, the build sheet, owners manual and Certi-Card. California Title and Minnesota Title which the Dart was imported in at US customs, Pictures and information showing documentation the engine was replaced, and the transfers to the owners.


Fender Tag Breakdown

  • Bottom Line
  • L – Dart
  • P – Premium – Dart GT / GTS
  • 23 – 2 Door Hard Top
  • 62 – 383 – Single 4 BBL. HP
  • 5 – 3 Speed Automatic
  • 285 – D70 – 14 Red Streak Tires
  • 306 – Date of Production – Mar. 6, 1967
  • (Sequential order Number – 03703)

Second Line from Bottom

  • A4 – 3.23 Rear Axle Ratio
  • X8 – Sure Grip Axle
  • TP – Trim Premium
  • R6 – Vinyl Bucket Seats
  • MX – Interior Color – Black
  • PW – White Top
  • NW – White Body
  • T1 – Monotone – White
  • UB – Upper Door Frame – Black

Third Line from Bottom

  • D9 – Front Disc Brakes
  • E1 – California Clean air package
  • H1 – Power Brakes
  • R1 – AM Radio
  • X2 – Tinted Windshield Only

Top Line

  • A6 – Console
  • B4 – Standard Bucket Seats
  • H7 – Fender Mounted Turn Signals
  • J4 – Moulding-body sill-narrow
  • U1 – Sold Car

Production Numbers for 67 Dart GTS

  • Total Production – 457 units
  • Four Speed units – 229
  • Automatic units – 228
  • All units had 383/4V, No A/C or Power Steering

Production Numbers for 68 and 69 Dart GTS

68 numbers
69 numbers

Advertising and Sales Pamphlet

D67-9-4 383 Charger 383

Salesman's Option Card

They carried these in their pocket. When you came in and asked option cost they would pull these out and show you costs. Then you could add options to your order.